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man Laferriere, Adam X Mattie Pepin* ‎ 1884* St. Flore, Quebec, Canada† ‎ 1953† New Bedford, Ma
man Laferriere, Adelard* ‎ Jul 12, 1873† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1874-1963
man Laferriere, Adelard Auray Dit X Bernadette Desrosiers Dit Lafreniere* ‎ 1885† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1920-1976
woman Laferriere, Adeline Aurez Dit X Honore Robillard Dit Lambert* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1811-1835† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1856-1923
woman Laferriere, Adonia* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1871-1910† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1882-1991
woman Laferriere, Adrienne* ‎ PRIVATE
man Laferriere, Agapit Auray Dit X Elizabeth Theriault* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1832-1862† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1887-1948
man Laferriere, Agapit Auray Dit X Elizabeth Therault* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1830-1862† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1887-1949
man Laferriere, Albert 1st X Rose De Lima Goudreau, 2nd & Marie Anne Roy* ‎ Sep 17, 1889* St. Flore, Quebec, Canada† ‎ May 29, 1983† Fairhaven, Ma
man Laferriere, Albert & Bertha Cormier* ‎ PRIVATE
woman Laferriere, Albertine X Arthur Beauregard* ‎ Jan 12, 1903* New Bedford, Ma† ‎ Jan 27, 2000† Waterloo, Quebec, Canada
man Laferriere, Albini & Georgette Miron* ‎ Dec 23, 1910† ‎ Nov 5, 1982
man Laferriere, Alexandre X Marie Anne Michaud* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1758-1790† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1817-1877
man Laferriere, Alexandre X Marie Morin* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1780-1812† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1837-1899
man Laferriere, Alexandre Aurez Dit 1st X Mathilde Domithilde Beaugrand Dit Champagne, 2nd X Esther Celina Lefebvre* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1801-1838† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1865-1924
woman Laferriere, Alexina Auray Dit X Octave Joseph Norbert Auray Dit Laferriere* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1837-1864† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1886-1954
woman Laferriere, Alexina Aurez Dit X Joseph-Octave-Norbert Aurez Dit Laferriere* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1837-1864† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1886-1954
man Laferriere, Alexis X Cordelia Olivier* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1851-1892† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1890-1974
man Laferriere, Alexis* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1837-1880† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1855-1959
man Laferriere, Alexis Aure Dit X Marie Anne Genereux* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1678-1726† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1723-1805
man Laferriere, Alexis Aure Dit 1st X Madeleine Papin Dit Baronet, 2nd X Angelique Meraud Dit Laplume* ‎ 1746† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1805-1839
man Laferriere, Alexis Aure Dit X Genevieve Piette Dit Trempe* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1765-1787† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1807-1870
man Laferriere, Alexis Aure Dit X Marie Anne Guevremont* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1805-1837† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1862-1924
man Laferriere, Alexis Aurez Dit X Madeleine Pepin Dit Lachance* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1723-1768† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1760-1849
man Laferriere, Alexis Aurez Dit 1st X Stephanie Duteau Dit deGrandpre, 2nd X Mathilde Ripardy* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1788-1822† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1863-1908
man Laferriere, Alexis Houray Dit X Marie Madeleine Duteau* ‎ Mar 25, 1685* Champlain, Quebec, Canada† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1718-1776
man Laferriere, Alexis Houre Dit X Marie Jeanne Genereux* ‎ Jun 1, 1710* Ile Dupas† ‎ Apr 5, 1787† St. Genevieve de Bastican, Canada
man Laferriere, Alexis Houre Dit* ‎ Feb 21, 1784† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1785-1874
man Laferriere, Alfred 1st & Rita Gagnier, 2nd & Sheila Elliott* ‎ PRIVATE
man Laferriere, Alfred Auray Dit X Malvina Lavoie* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1865-1890† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1914-1975