man‎Pierre "Dit LaFleur" Poupart‏‎, son of Pierre Poupart and Marie Boutte‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 1648 Plesse, St-Nazaire, Nantes, Bretagne, France, died ‎before 31 BEF., Dec Montreal, Pq, Canada‎

Genealogique des Familles du Quebec", 1983, Page 941.
The area of France where he originated is now in the Loire-Atlantiquedistrict.
On 9 FEB 1673 he was in Boucherville, and lived at Chambly. He answeredthat he
was 31 in 1681, and in Chambly during the recording. He arrived 18 JUN1665 as
a soldier in the company of Chambly in the Carignan Regiment. He wasconfirmed
as being in Quebec on 21 SEP 1665 and ansered that he was 18 years old.

Married ‎ Apr 6, 1679 Boucherville, Pq, Canada (at most 16 years married) to:

womanMarie Gendron‏, daughter of Guillaume "Dit LaRoland" Gendron and Anne Loiseau‏.
Born ‎± 10 ABT., Dec Montreal, Pq, Canada, died ‎before BEF. 1695 Hill Water, Albany, Ny‎
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!BAPTISM-MARRIAGE-DEATH-PLACE: Rene Jette, "Dictionnarie Genealogique des
Familles du Quebec", 1983, Pages 486 and 941.
Where she died was either in presnt day Albany, NY, or Orange, nearAlbany, NY.
In any event, the place was called Hill Water. Albany in those days was a
French fortification.

Facts about this person:

Christening December 10, 1666
Montreal, PQ, Canada


womanElizabeth Poupart‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1690 Hill Water, Orange, Ny, died ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1719-1784‎, approximately 94 years

!BIRTH-CENSUS: Rene Jette, "Dictionnarie Genealogique des Familles duQuebec",
9183, Page 941. She answered that she was 23 years old in 1713.