man‎Corneille Adam‏‎
Born ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1600-1629, died ‎before 7 BEF., Nov Quebec, Pq, Canada‎

!DEATH: Renee Jette, "Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles du Quebec"
1983, Publ. University of Montreal. Covering years 1608 to 1730. Page 934.

Married ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1626-1663 to:

womanMichelle "De La" Court‏
Born ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1609-1632, died ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1654-1720‎, approximately 88 years


womanAnne Adam‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1651 St-Jacques, Compiegne, Soissons, France, died ‎ May 16, 1709 Lauzon, Levis, Pq, Canada‎, approximately 58 years
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!BIRTH-BURIAL-ORIGIN-CENSUS: Rene Jette, "Dictionnaire Genealogique des
Familles du Quebec" 1983, University of Montreal, Page 934.
She was from St-Jacques, v. et ar. Compiegne, ev. Soissons, Picardie(Oise),
France. She answered that she was 30 in 1681, and she was said to be 57years
at her death.

Facts about this person:

Burial May 18, 1709
Lauzon, Levis, PQ, Canada