man‎Michel Gaudet‏‎, son of Augustin Gaudet and Agnes Chaisson‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 1725, died ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1756-1816‎, approximately 91 years

!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-COMMENT: Adrien Bergeron, "Le Grand Arrangement desAcadiens au
Quebec", 1981, Montreal by Editions Elysee. Pages 264-274. They eithermoved or
fled to the safety of St-Antoine-de-Chambly, where they settled. Perhapsthey
were escaping the British in Acadia.

Married ‎± ABT. 1750 B.B., Acadia (approximately 66 years married) to:

womanMarie-Jeanne Girouard‏, daughter of Germain "Dit Le Jeune" Girard and Marie Doucet‏.
Born ‎ 1734, died ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1756-1828‎, approximately 94 years

!BIRTH: Same as husband, Michel Gaudet.


manFrancois Gaudet‏
Born ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1748-1775 Contreveour, Pq, Canada, died ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1781-1855‎, approximately 80 years